Friday, 22 November 2019 06:19

Burl bowls and wood Sculptures

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In these photos, we have two burl bowls and two sculptures. The first one is a Eucalyptus burl bowl and the wood was located on a farm about 50 km north of Meiringspoort in the Western Cape on a farm. It took some finding the farmer to ask permission to harvest this wood but after trying several times I finally managed to get permission. I since have become good friends with this farmer as I normally do. I stained the Bark areas black complimenting the red colour of the burl and its extremely rare and hard to find.

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 08:07

Natural Wood Art

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My journey with nature and woodland areas began from as far as I can remember. Spending time in forest and woodland areas was just part of growing up in the Garden Route of South Africa.

I recall that I always had the ability to see the potential of dead forgotten wood, being a functional decorative piece in your home, rather than just being dead somewhere. I didn’t pursue a career in wood artistry until 5 years ago. I was also advised in school by my art teacher that I should rather take another subject seeing that I “don’t have an creative bone in me" which I of course did.
I mean teachers cant be wrong.
So my journey with wood and more so Burl wood over the last 5 years, has taken me to various parts of South Africa seeking that rare burl nugget.